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5 Simple Steps To Make A Great ADOPTION PROFILE VIDEO

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Here's WHY you need to create an ADOPTION PROFILE VIDEO:

  • Helps Tell Your Story

    Your family is unique. Profile videos allow you to tell your story so much better than printed profiles. It shows prospective birthparents what makes you special and why you are excited to become parents through adoption.

  • Leads to Better and Quicker Matches

    Prospective birthmothers can click play and instantly see your family, watch the video multiple times, and share it with people close to them so they can better understand her decision.

  • Stand Out From the Crowd

    There are thousands of families looking to adopt – but hardly any of them have a video. Your video will make you stand out from all the rest for 2 reasons: 1. You took the time to make a video. 2. Your video will help communicate to prospective birthmothers unlike anything a printed profile can do.

  • Convenient & Easy to Watch

    Your profile video will be easy for any prospective birthparent to watch – on their smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. This makes connecting with them even faster because they will have easy access to watch your video at their convenience.

I'm building a unique step-by-step online training for you!

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