Questions & Answers

  • q-iconHow can we tell our story in less than 3 minutes?

    It’s hard to tell your story in less than 3 minutes, unless you have a plan. You could stumble through it, trying to think of what to say, but it likely won’t tell your story in the best way possible. With a clear plan (as given in Adoption Profile Videos MADE EASY), you can confidently tell your story in 3 minutes or less.

  • q-iconWill a profile video hurt our adoption chances?

    No – if you learn how to make a great profile video. If you create a video with a plan for what to say, what to wear, what to include/not include, where to shoot it, etc. you will greatly HELP your adoption chances.

  • q-iconDoesn't it take way too much time to make a video?

    No, but this is a perception among some people, which is why most hopeful adoptive families don’t make one. So if most don’t make a video – this allows you to stand out among the crowd. You can do this faster and much easier than you think.

  • q-iconIf I look or sound bad on video, won't that push away an expectant mom?

    The short answer is yes, it can. That is exactly why you need help from Adoption Profile Videos MADE EASY. So you can learn how to make a profile video where you look and sound great. If you don’t have a plan, and you make a bad video, you could get overlooked by an expectant mother.

  • q-iconWe don't have any video experience - how do we edit it so it looks good?

    There is no need to have video experience. I understand it can get frustrating not knowing what to do. This is why I show you how to easily edit your video – to make it look good and save you a ton of time & frustration. You can do this faster and much easier than you think.

  • q-iconI'm terrified of talking to a camera - how can I get over that & make a video?

    Oh, I love this question. We tackle this head on in the course because it is a common problem. I will share my best tips and strategies for overcoming fear of being on camera. I’ll share 6 ways to get you feeling comfortable on camera, so you can be confident in creating a profile video where you look and sound great. 

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