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The complete A to Z plan for confidently creating and sharing your adoption profile video.

My wife and I have adopted twice - both times by creating adoption profile videos. I've taken everything we've learned along the way and put together a comprehensive, STEP-BY-STEP program that teaches you how to make your own amazing profile video.

5 Reasons Why This Course Is For You...

Video captures attention unlike anything else

Video captures our attention better than words on a page, or even an audio message. There are some expectant mothers who are going to reached by video, who won't be reached initially by our printed profiles or anything else. It is a video you put online that will capture their attention, and get them introduced to you in a special way.

Stand out among the crowd (other hopeful adoptive families)

Most hopeful adoptive families do not take the time to create a profile video. Those who only use a printed profile or a photo slideshow set to music may get overlooked by an expectant mother in favor of families with a profile video. A growing number of prospective birth mothers are only visiting agency websites that have videos of their adoptive families.

Connect faster = Adopt faster

With the click of a 'play' button, expectant mothers can see your personality, interests, pets, neighborhood, other family members, etc. Most importantly, they'll see your excitement to become parents through adoption. They will also know if you are a good fit - they kind of parents she wants for her baby.

Videos are more personal

Much more than words on a page, video will make you memorable because a prospective birth mom can see you having fun, doing your favorite hobby, or how you interact with your family & friends. She can watch your facial expressions, hear your voice, and feel your emotion.

Don't just create a video - SHARE your video

Why create a video if you don't know how & where to share it? In order to adopt, you need to find and match with an expectant mom. Learning how to share your amazing profile video is a critical part of adopting faster.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed – I want you to make a profile video and I believe this program will help you get it created. If you find this is not the program for you, get your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Here Is What's Included In The Course...

STEP #1 - What You Need To Start

What You'll Learn:

  • The equipment & software you need to make your video. Don't worry, it isn't scary or overwhelming - you likely already have most of what you need.
  • How to overcome fear of being on camera.
  • 6 tips for being comfortable on camera.

STEP #2 - Planning Your Video

What You'll Learn:

  • 4 Keys to making a great video.
  • Most common mistakes to avoid.
  • Where to shoot your video.
  • What to say in your video.
  • How to look your best (including what to wear and what not to wear).
  • What photos & short video clips that will make your video look amazing.
  • PLUS you'll get worksheets that will help you plan out your entire video.
  • PLUS you'll get a script template, where you can write out what you want to say.

STEP #3 - Recording Your Video

What You'll Learn:

  • What to do before & after you hit the record button.
  • Get ready to record – 5 things to check before you start.
  • Recording tips – how to record and still keep your sanity.

STEP #4 - Editing Your Video (Putting It Together)

What You'll Learn:

  • Very simple ways to edit and put together your video so you don't get overwhelmed with complicated software.
  • I even take you on tour (and let you look over my virtual shoulder) to see how to use software you likely already have on your computer - Mac (Apple) or PC (Windows).

STEP #5 - Sharing Your Video

What You'll Learn:

  • How and where to share your video, including the best places to share it and why.
  • PLUS - I'll share my best tips that you can use right away.

Plus 3 BIG Bonuses!!

I've designed these BIG bonuses to help you
create your video faster and more confidently.

BONUS #1: Exclusive Expert Interview with Madeleine Melcher

I've brought in the expert on adoption profile creation. Madeleine Melcher literally wrote the book on "How To Create A Successful Adoption Profile". She will share TONS of tips for creating the best profile - specifically for what will help you make the best profile video. You can't find this interview ANYWHERE else but here!

BONUS #2: Private Facebook Group

You get to be a part of a special private Facebook Group - only for those who buy Adoption Profile Videos MADE EASY - so you can get & share ideas, thoughts, suggestions, etc on your profile video. I will be a part of this exclusive group as well. This group is all about you - getting extra help and support when and if you need it.

BONUS #3: Tim's Profile Video Script

You get to see the actual video script my wife and I used to create one of our profile videos. You'll get exactly what we said and where in the script we added photos and short video clips.

ONLY $97 until Midnight Friday!

get instant access

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed – I want you to make a profile video and I believe this program will help you get it created. If you find this is not the program for you, get your money back within 30 days of purchase.