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Hi! My name is Tim Elder. My wife and I have adopted twice through domestic infant adoption.

Since the age of open adoption began, it is so important to capture the attention of expectant mothers - because they have the very hard decision of choosing parents for their little one.

Up until recently, the only way for expectant moms to learn about hopeful adoptive families is to look through printed profiles or check out a profile on the internet.

After adopting twice (and working on #3), I know how much work it is to put together a great printed and online profile. But in the end, they can only show pictures and words.

They are still important - no doubt about it - but there is something even better.

Something that can make a faster connection with a prospective birthmom. Much faster than any printed or online profile.

Adoption profile videos.

Every hopeful adoptive family should create a profile video. And with today's technology - it is EASIER THAN EVER to make your own.

So I am working on a simple, STEP-BY-STEP training course that guides you through the process of easily creating & sharing your own adoption profile video.

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